Reusable Bag System

Step 1.
Purchase your reusable bag

To participate in our reusable bag system, purchase your insulated bag for a one-time fee of $7 when placing your order.


Not interested? No worries! Simply select the plastic bag option for free instead.


Please keep in mind that by participating in this system, you are also helping in reducing the plastic contribution to our landfills and environment.

*One thermal bag holds 10 meals


Step 2.
Place + pick-up your order 

Start your order by selecting your bag option on the Order Now page and proceed by selecting up to 10 meals/bag to submit your order.


We will happily pack your order in the reusable thermal bag ready for pick-up on the selected pick-up date.

Step 3.
Bring your reusable bag at your next meal pick-up

Bring the thermal bag with you at your next meal pick up and we will pack your order in your reusable thermal bag.


Repeat for future orders + enjoy!

Hungry? Order now.